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Thermoplastic Carbon Fibre Composites Enhance Medical Components

06 May 2011

Ensinger has launched a series of highly loaded thermoplastic carbon fibre composites designed for medical components.

Stock shapes made using the new Tecatec product series consist of a thermoplastic matrix and a woven fabric of carbon fibre. Ensinger say that the lightweight materials offer good mechanical performance and chemical resistance, and are also radiolucent, making them suited for external fixation devices.

Tecatec PEEK CW50 is manufactured using Victrex PEEK, which is then compressed with laminated woven carbon fabric mats, the result of close co-operation between the Ensinger Group and Victrex Polymer Solutions. The two companies have agreed to work closely together on the development and marketing of new applications for PEEK products.

The other composite material offered within the Ensinger portfolio is Tecatec PEKK CW60, which consists of a polyetherketoneketone matrix (PEKK), laminated with a 60 per cent carbon fibre fabric. The proprietary manufacturing process is claimed to achieve excellent fibre and matrix integration. Because of its high glass transition point (165C), PEKK is resistant to repeated steam sterilization cycles, while its enhanced carbon fibre component ensures even higher dimensional stability and stiffness.

Tecatec is available in plate thicknesses of 3 to 40 mm, with larger dimensions available on request.

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