Composite Technical Services Introduces Polycard XFN Bio-Based Polyols

20 May 2011

Composite Technical Services (CTS) has introduced Polycard XFN, a new class of bio-based polyols designed to improve the physical properties of applications like bio-based rigid spray foams, sandwich panels and pour-in-place insulation systems.

CTS say that Polycard’s polyols exhibit high thermal stability and have also demonstrated the capability to enhance compressive strength, increase fire retardancy and improve dimensional stability. Polycard permits manufacturers to increase the amount of renewable content in end products like foams.

CTS developed Polycard with Italian partner Cimteclab to meet the demand for a low-cost renewable resource-based raw material without the supply restraints of conventional polyols or the environmental issues associated with petroleum-based organic compounds. Polycard is made from an aromatic structure or a six-member carbon ring obtained from cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL) using solvent-free technology. CNSL, an abundant agricultural by-product, is considered an industrial waste stream making the material less sensitive to changes in food and oil prices.

The flexibility of Polycard’s chemical structure allows the material to be modified into other polyol structures suited to the polyurethane and composite industries.

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