New Features for Composite Failure Analysis Software

12 May 2011

Even Evolutionary Engineering has released a new version of its composite failure analysis software ComPoLyX.

ComPoLyX extends the abilities of available finite element packages by evaluating Inverse Reserve Factors as a primary measure for every given failure criterion at all evaluation points, for all layers of the composite structure. In addition, the layer-wise result visualization highlights critical stress states and failure modes.

ComPoLyX 0.9 also provides new features like element-wise failure analysis, visualisation of through-the-thickness distributed results, classical laminate theory functionality, section cut and ply-offset visualisation. According to Even, the software also has improved interfaces to third party analysis tools, which now allow the laminate forces and moments to be exported. The FE interfaces for Abaqus, Nastran and Ansys have also been updated.

ComPoLyX 0.9 is available for Windows 32 and 64 bit and Linux 64 bit.

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