New AOC Resin for Smoother, Lower Cost Tooling

12 May 2011

AOC have launched MoldTru LPT-68000 low-profile tooling resin designed to reduce the cost of Class A tools for open moulding, resin transfer moulding and resin infusion.

AOC say that they have chemists engineered a special additive technology that gives the new tooling resin near-zero shrink, which ensures that the mould surface is a precise replica of the master model's surface.

""Because MoldTru LPT-68000 resin's unique chemistry produces very low exotherm heat, up to five layers of tooling laminate can be built simultaneously without causing surface distortion,"" explained AOC Business Manager Fletcher Lindberg.

""Making the same mould with conventional tooling resin takes five individual steps, each followed by an overnight cure,"" he continued. ""With MoldTru LPT-68000 technology, all that extra labour is eliminated, and finished parts are going out the door much sooner.""

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