Aero Vodochody Closes Composites Production in UK

08 March 2011

Aero Vodochody is to close composites production at Rotortech Aero Composites in mid April 2011.

At present the company is finishing orders for its contractual partners before the remainder of the production program is relocated to Aero Vodochody.

Aero Vodochody says that there are several reasons for closing the production, such as high wage costs in the UK in comparison to the Czech Republic and a new strategy of composites development in Aero Vodochody. Aero has invested more than CZK 10 million into the composites production project in the first stage and in the second stage of composites development will invest further CZK 105 million.

""In Aero we are able to run the same production at lower costs and of course distinctively more effectively"" says Aero Vodochody president, Mr. Ladislav Simek.

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