Strongwell Corporation Upgrades Testing Capabilities

21 March 2011

Strongwell's on-site 10,000 sq. ft. laboratory is now equipped with a new Instron 5984 Materials Testing Machine with an Environmental Chamber.

The Instron 5984 Materials Testing Machine is a dual column floor mounted electromechanical testing system with a load capacity of 33,750 lbf. It has an extra-wide load frame and T-slot table with a horizontal test space of 36.8 inches for custom and full section test applications. The integrated closed-loop control and data acquisition system insures accuracy and reliability. Extensometers or strain gages can be used in conjunction with the load cell channel for a variety of output formats. A notable improvement to Strongwell's new load cell is the fact that it can be calibrated down to 1/500th of the rated load. This results in better accuracy for tests that require very low loads.

The Environmental Chamber allows for material testing at temperatures up to 350C and down to -70C. An optical window in the Environmental Chamber allows for visual observation of the test and the potential to utilize optical extensometers.

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