Araldite Specified in Motor Cruiser Construction

07 June 2011

Araldite 2015 has been exclusively specified in the construction of the Neptys First Life 27, a semi rigid power boat made from a vinyl ester infusion.

Because of its length, 8.5m, and speed, 50 knots plus, the Neptys First Life 27 is subject to impact and vibrations and needs an adhesive combination that could withstand the stress of the environmental conditions at sea. One of the key objectives for the boat’s construction was to find a solution that would not involve the use of machinery in the dosing and application process.

After prototypes were made with RenShape BM 5460, the project moved on to the assessment of adhesives and samples of the vinyl ester infusion to be bonded were sent to Huntsman’s laboratories at Basel in Switzerland, where the Material Testing Department took these along with the specified marine qualification criteria to conduct an extensive characterisation capabilities evaluation programme.

Testing equipment was used to identify a formulation capable of providing good reactivity for the materials used in the boat’s construction and Araldite 2015 was recommended based on its ability to meet the performance characteristics.

Araldite 2015 is a two component epoxy adhesive paste that cures at room temperature. According to Huntsman, the designers found that this adhesive provided better reactivity, efficiency and overall quality of design as well as offering resistance to water, humidity and chemicals. This allows the Neptys First Life 27 to withstand the impact of speeds up to 99 km per hour.

Araldite 2015’s 25 minute work life at 23°C were appropriate for the necessary timescales the designer had set for bonding the deck to the hull, including the internal components. Particularly important in the decision making process was the need for a medium time for bonding application, low price and less odour during application and polymerisation.

Commenting, Olivier Philippot, Engineer in Composite Materials, said, “Working closely with Huntsman’s laboratories, it soon became apparent that Araldite 2015 was the best product available for bonding vinyl ester, delivering guaranteed strength, optimum performance and increased durability. Following the efficient application of the adhesive, the quality of the bonds was tested under rigorous conditions to guarantee that the product could withstand high levels of force and impact whilst travelling at high speeds on the sea. It was at this juncture that Araldite 2015’s exceptional track record in marine applications shone through and we were more than satisfied with its performance.”

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