Nuplex JV Acquires Fibrelogic Pipe Systems

27 June 2011

Nuplex Industries has formed a joint venture with RPC Technologies to acquire Fibrelogic Pipe Systems (Fibrelogic) for approximately $26 million, subject to final completion.

Emery Severin, CEO of Nuplex said “When our composites business was assessed as part of our recent group wide strategy review, opportunities for growth were examined. Fibrelogic presented such an opportunity as it manufactures high quality, technically advanced large diameter, continuous wound glass reinforced plastic (GRP) pipes used in water reticulation, infrastructure and mining applications – all industries with attractive long term growth prospects in Australia.”

“The JV brings together RPC Technologies’ engineering and project management expertise and our own world class resin technologies and processes. With this combination, Fibrelogic will continue to secure its position as Australia’s leading GRP pipe manufacturer. This opportunity supports our composites business as it will benefit from a long term supply agreement with the JV. The recently announced restructure of these operations involving the consolidation of the three brands into one is progressing well” said Severin.

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