Brazilian Universities to Include Composite Materials

27 June 2011

The Universidade Positivo and Centro de Ensino Superior dos Campos Gerais (CESCAGE) have added Composite Materials to their curriculum.

According to the Brazilian Composite Materials Association (ABMACO), the addition has been made to ensure the supply of the specialised workforce into the country. Now that the additions have been made, ABMACO will become part of the faculty.

“Although our market is one of the fastest growing in the world, there is a real blackout of talents in Brazil. Therefore, we are tirelessly working to make these courses available”, says Gilmar Lima, President of ABMACO.

At Universidade Positivo, the postgraduate program in composites, the first in Brazil, will become part of the Design and Product Design Courses, which are coordinated by Jorge Tamura. “We already had a subject on the introduction to composites in the undergraduate program. With the postgraduate, we will be able to address more broadly the main player among the materials”, he says.

CESCAGE will include the module within Engineering, Architecture, as well as Civil & Electrical Engineering, and Architecture & Buildings. “We have a waiting list of forty engineers and architects interested in taking an extension course in composite materials,” says Julia Streski, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

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