Kazak Composites Introduces Composite Power Transmission Shaft

05 July 2011

Kazak has created a composite power transmission shaft, designed to reduce the navy's maintenance costs without compromising performance.

With existing shafts constructed of steel and weighing between 90 and 290 pounds depending on the configuration, the Navy was looking for a solution that allowed for increased payload on its existing air cushion vehicles.

""Kazak’s composite transmission shafting offers significant weight reduction over its steel counterpart,"" said John Schickling, EVP/COO of Kazak Composites. ""The composite design will not corrode like steel, reducing maintenance costs by removing the need to repaint and replace the shafting. Additionally, the shaft rein¬forcement and matrix materials are designed to attenuate vibration loads, reducing vibration stress on the power train which increases the operational life of some power train equipment, further reducing maintenance costs.""

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