FreeWave TeXtreme Windsurf Released

25 July 2011

Fanatic Windsurfing recently released their latest board range, including the FreeWave TeXtreme board.

According to Oxeon, the FreeWave TeXtreme has benefited from weight savings and mechanical properties that come from usage of TeXtreme Spread Tow Fabrics. They say the Fanatic team, led by Product Engineer Jürgen May, collaborated with their Material Development department to find the best suitable reinforcement. After discussing the requirements and mechanical properties desired, TeXtreme was a fabric that provided extreme stiffness in one direction. “Through the cooperation with Oxeon and the flexibility of TeXtreme we have come up with the optimized reinforcement for a windsurfing board. Utilizing this unbalanced TeXtreme carbon fabric gives an ultra light board with great features for the riders”, says May. “We are pleased to see that TeXtreme is getting renewed confidence in reinforcing the premium boards and contributing to the making of high-quality composite products. To make a really light board that still meets the performance demands on a high-performance board, TeXtreme is becoming the natural choice. The flexibility to use unbalanced fabrics and other TeXtreme variants are also greatly appreciated among our customers”, says Andreas Martsman, Vice President of Oxeon.

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