US National Composites Centre Launches Training Programs

11 July 2011

The US National Composites Centre (NCC) has developed a series of training courses designed to meet the needs of composites industry professionals.

NCC say the courses will be held at the centre on a quarterly basis and are especially suited to entry level manufacturers, resin suppliers, compounders, composite moulders, sales representatives and other individuals interested in working with the material. They say companies looking to use composites to move into new markets or incorporate advanced materials into current products will receive hands-on exposure in commercial scale composite processing.

Understanding Composites, a 3-day course, is designed to provide a basic understanding of composites combining classroom theory with instruction in hand lay-up and Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Moulding. Composites Production Processing is a 4-day course designed to introduce participants to resin fibre processing with Sheet Moulding Compound, Long Fibre Thermoplastics, tape line, Rapid fibre Preforming, filament winding as well as hand lay-up and physical testing. High-End Processing is a 4-day class designed to offer participants a better understanding of VARTM, autoclave and out-of-autoclave processing.

“In today’s economic landscape, the majority of organisations don’t have the internal resources to commercialise new products or the unique field knowledge and expertise required for designing and manufacturing with advanced materials,” said Lisa Novelli, President of NCC. “Our program not only gives key personnel an understanding of composites and the methods involved in production and high-end processing, but can significantly reduce the training burden on businesses interested in integrating the performance advantages of composites.”

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