European Commission Proposes Duties of 13.8% on Chinese Glass Fibre

07 January 2011

Following the European Commission regulation imposing provisional import duties of 43.6% on certain glass fibre originating in China, results of the ongoing investigation mean that the Commission is now proposing duties of 13.8%, as of 16th of March 2011.

Additionally, the proposal excludes yarns from the proceedings.

According to EuCIA, since the notification of the provisional measures of 43.6%, a high number of composites users and associations jointly questioned the investigation and the initial conclusions. In the light of the new proposal from the Commission and the proposed definitive duties of 13.8%, they continue to highlight that import duties should not have been imposed at all in the first place.

Definitive duties are still not decided, and EuCIA encourages interested parties to get in contact with national governments and associations as soon as possible.

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