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JEC Creates JEC Americas and Partnership with IFAI

24 January 2011

After the creation of JEC Asia in 2008, JEC Group has created JEC Americas, running from November 7-9 2012 at the Boston Convention Center, Massachusetts, USA.

After Europe and Asia, we were asked by the industrial sector to bring the JEC Show and the Composites Summit I.I.C.S. to America states Frdrique Mutel JEC President and CEO.

Mrs. Mutel points out that the American market is very important. According to JEC s analysis, the composites sector represents in value a worldwide market of around US$ 77,4 Billion (60 Billion Euros) divided between America: 36%, EMEA, Europe/Middle-East/Africa:33% and Asia/rest of the world: 31%. In volume, the worldwide market accounts for about 8,6 Millions of tons divided between America with 35% of the worldwide market), EMEA with 22% of the worldwide market), Asia/Rest of the world with 43% of the worldwide market.

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