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TeXtreme used in Fanatic Premium Snowboard

20 December 2011

Snowboard manufacturer Fanatic Snowboards has built their new premium board models using TeXtreme Spread Tow Fabrics.

According to Oxeon, the high-performance snowboards, Blade and Duoblade, are designed to be the lightest in their categories on the market. They say both the Blade (Freeride) and Duoblade (Freestyle) boards have been tested by team riders for a year and both models enter the market this winter. Oxeon explain that Fanatic Snowboards has connections to Fanatic Windsurfing who have had successful premium windsurfing boards released using TeXtreme and it is the experience and success of these windsurfing boards that gave Fanatic Snowboards the incentive to test TeXtreme. 

Jerry Niedermeier, Product Manager, Fanatic Snowboards, says “Based on Fanatic's experience with TeXtreme collected in the past, we were able to combine ultra light weight with dynamic properties, while displaying the material used in transparent areas. We are extremely happy with the performance and the success on the market to date.”

Oxeon say that, for Fanatic Snowboards, the optimal TeXtreme reinforcement proved to be an unbalanced Spread Tow Fabric as it enabled them to achieve greater strength and stiffness in the desired directions, which ultimately gives the snowboards the right feel. 

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