Gurit's Composite Design Used in New Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan

12 August 2011

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan has recently opened its new building, with composite elements designed by Gurit.

Built in Ashgabat, the 16-story skyscraper includes a 26m diameter spherical conference room at its top, decorated with a map of the world, realised in mosaic tiles. Gurit explain how they worked with the main contractor, Bouygues International, to deliver a composite design for this sphere complying with the technical brief and the tight schedule.

According to Gurit, the sphere is made of more than 300 double curvature composite panels bolted together and supported by a metal substructure. They kept panel weights low thanks to the use of a sandwich technology, ensuring an easy and quick installation on site.

The climate in Turkmenistan required Gurit to do a detailed thermal analysis to ensure that the composite panels would handle the wide range of temperature faced in this region, where variation in temperature is up to 60degC. Gurit also provided an “on-call” daily support during the design and construction phase to ensure the project would be delivered on time.

Nicolas Siohan, Senior Engineer at Gurit, comments, “It’s been a great experience to work along with Bouygues on this project. Daily contact with the on-site project manager ensured that we were taking swift and consistent decisions. I am delighted to see that our work has been well appreciated and I look forward to partnering with Bouygues again in the future.”

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