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Advanced Engineering Group of Events Receives Industry Support

12 August 2011

The Advanced Engineering Exhibitions have received support and participation from some of the UK’s technical and industry bodies because of their support for the government’s priority to re-balance the UK economy towards high value manufacturing and technology sectors.

UK Tech Events, who run the exhibitions say they have support from bodies including UKTI, EEF (the manufacturers organisation), A|D|S (Aerospace, Defence, Security), Composites UK, Energy Generation and Supply KTN (knowledge transfer network), Electronics, Sensors and Photonics KTN, Motorsport Industry Association, GTMA, National Composites Centre, and Performance Review Institute.

Last year’s event comprised Aero Engineering and the Composites Engineering Show, and UK Tech Events have extended this to include the Energy Engineering and UK Plastic Electronics shows. UK Tech Events say visitor pre-registrations are now more than three times higher than at this point last year.

Together, the four events aim to create a multiplier effect of interdisciplinary opportunities for the UK’s growing engineering technology and innovation communities. Ian Stone, Director at UK Tech Events summarised “The co-location of four key synergetic advanced engineering and technology sectors allows attendees to network and fact find beyond their typical environments, to discover accidental synergies and inter-industry technology transfer opportunities. The really exciting developments are often generated where worlds of knowledge meet”.

An integrated programme of feature business presentations has been put together to address the horizontal UK advanced engineering and technology communities with themes that include UK ‘big picture’ manufacturing landscape, SME capital resourcing, IP management, and engineering business process excellence.

EEF, headline sponsor for the overall ‘Advanced Engineering UK group of events’, commented “The UK is now home to one of the most exciting high value-added manufacturing environments in the world. At EEF we support the future growth and development of UK manufacturing. We welcome the ‘Advanced Engineering UK 2011’ group of events in Birmingham later this year, providing an opportunity for knowledge and technology transfer, capability, networking and business development across four high growth sectors.” NetComposites will be hosting daily, free to attend, technology micro-sessions as part of the Composites Engineering Exhibition. Topics to be covered are Biocomposites, Composites Recycling, Novel Fibres and Materials. People interested in presenting at any of the sessions above are asked to email

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