Carbon Composite Technologies Announces Technology License Agreement

23 August 2011

Carbon Composite Technologies (CCT) has signed a world-wide Licensing Agreement with Convection Strategies (CS).

CCT explain that the two companies have worked for nearly two years to prepare marketing literature and perform physical testing of several composite fibre architectures for presentation to the several major wind turbine blade manufacturers. They say that tests by a certified third-party multi-national testing company provide conclusive results that their patented processes provide a more efficient and less-expensive alternative to current production methods.

CCT's patented technology allows the manufacturing of 100 metre and larger blades which are becoming required for use in wind farms being deployed in the oceans. The larger blades provide more electricity with a fewer number of towers and CCT's process for construction and curing allow for the blade to be manufactured as one piece and cured without the use of an autoclave, dramatically decreasing the time and material costs, resulting in a significantly less expensive final product.

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