Polinox Designs New Peroxide Especially for Pultrusion

01 August 2011

Polinox has developed Brasnox MIBK (MIBK), methyl isobutyl ketone peroxide, designed to improved composite manufacture using the pultrusion method.

According to Polinox they developed MIBK in response to the Brazilian Composite Materials Association’s (ABMACO) claim that approximately 5% of composite manufacturing in Brazil is pultrusion.

Polinox explain that MIBK is designed to give an excellent finish to the polyester or vinyl ester resin profiles by reducing the fiberglass markings and it has a lower cost compared to benzoyl peroxide (BPO) commonly used by pultruders. They say its combined use with Brasnox TBPB, one of their traditional products, speeds cure and increases productivity.

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