CGTech Releases Vericut Composite Applications Version 7.1

01 August 2011

CGTech is now shipping the next versions of its composite applications: Vericut Composite Programming (VCP) and Vericut Composite Simulation (VCS).

Vericut Composite Applications simulate automated fibre placement machines and according to CGTech, their composites software suite is independent of CAD/CAM/PLM design systems, and is also independent of the builder of the Automated Fibre Placement machine.

“When software is separate from the machine and applied in a variety of applications, the software and underlying technology expands” said Product Marketing Manager, Bill Hasenjaeger. “Thanks to extensive feedback from both users and industry partners, both VCP and VCS have seen significant enhancements since the last release. For example, VCP now has enhanced processing capabilities, significantly reducing the time required to make changes to one or more plies. VCS has been enhanced with several new measurement tools and the ability to simulate ultrasonic knife cutting”.

CGTech explain that VCP reads CAD surfaces and ply boundary information and creates fibre replacement paths to fill the plies according to user-specified manufacturing standards and requirements. They say that layup paths are linked together to form specific layup sequences and are output as NC programs for the AFP machine.

VCS reads CAD models of the layup tool and fixtures and simulates the layup sequence directly from NC program files, either from VCP or from other composite layup path-generation programming applications. Tow material is applied to the layup form via NC program instructions in Vericut’s virtual CNC simulation environment. The simulated material applied to the form can be measured and inspected to ensure the NC program follows manufacturing standards and requirements. A report showing simulation results and statistical information can be automatically created.

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