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Barracuda Promote the Use of Composite Materials to Convert Steel Built Ships

01 August 2011

Barracuda Advanced Composites have presented a seminar showing how steel ships can be refitted for use as pleasure yachts.

According to Barracuda, the seminar, about Naval Application on Composite Materials, was supported by the Brazilian Composite Material Association (ABMACO), with an aim of presenting new composite technologies for the naval and offshore industries, as well as showcasing of projects underway in Brazil and other South American countries.

Barracuda say the use of composite materials applied in the conversion of these ships has shown a promising increase in several countries during recent years due to the attractive cost of the adaptation. They explain that the use of composites offers several advantages when compared with the use of metallic materials; lightweight sandwich composite parts built by vacuum infusion process have similar resistance of metallic materials having just a fraction of its weight.

The seminar was given by Jorge Nasseh, Head of Engineering of Barracuda Advanced Composites.

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