PPG Offers Outside Payout Applications for Thermoset Reinforcement Materials

16 August 2011

PPG's fiber glass business is currently customer-testing outside payout applications of its direct draw reinforcement material.

According to Greg Terchick, PPG Sales Director for Fibreglass Reinforcements in the Americas, an outside-in payout application minimises the twist of filaments and allows manufacturers to create thinner and denser, yet lighter-weight layers of laminate. “Products such as flexible pipe cannot be manufactured with any other type of material payout,” Terchick said. “Offering outside payout for PPG thermoset materials will enable our customers in the pipe and tank industries to create stronger products that achieve higher performance using the same amount of or less glass.”

Kevin McDonald, PPG General Manager of Fibreglass Reinforcements in the Americas and EMEA, added that, “Not only can our customers get better performance and strength results with outside payout, they can explore and enter markets not available to them with conventional payout applications.”

PPG is developing this direct draw packaging application in the United States and they expect its global launch and availability by the fourth quarter 2011.

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