Fiberline Composites Launch iPhone Application

16 August 2011

Fiberline Composites has launched an iPhone application that allows deflection calculations to be performed for a wide selection of FRP structural profiles in the company's product programme.

The dimensions and properties of each profile can also be studied more closely. The application has been designed for engineers, structural designers and others with an interest in materials for the building industry.

With this new app Fiberline wishes to expand awareness of fibreglass as a building material and sees considerable potential in combining fun with functionality. Besides the calculation software, the application contains case stories you can go to with iPhone's integral GPS.

Describing the new app, Product Manager, Morten Gantriis Sørensen says: ""The benefits are obvious. Fiberline's new app is easy to understand, easy to use and inspirational. Its purpose is naturally to expand knowledge of FRP and its properties. We believe that both current and future generations of engineers and structural designers will find the app a fascinating tool and discover new potentials in FRP composite.""

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