Richmond Aerovac Exhibits New Products at Composites Engineering Show

26 September 2010

Richmond Aerovac is showing a range of new products on stand 216 at The Composites Engineering Show 2010.

VMS2 reduces the risk of dry spots of incomplete wet out, simplifies the infusion network design, eliminates resin waste and opens up new possibilities in composite structural design.

AB1060UHA is a heavyweight breather fabric which Aerovac say has been developed using a unique polyester blend to yield ultra high airflow performance at high pressure and temperature conditions (100psi and 205°C). AB1060UHA can be used in either oven or autoclave processing, can be used effectively when moulding complicated shapes with tight radii at high pressures and can replace the requirement for two layers of breather fabric.

Aerofix 3 is a new spray adhesive which has been specially developed to hold glass /carbon fabrics and core materials in place in the moulds during the resin infusion process. According to Aerovac, Aerofix 3 is compatible with both polyester and vinylester resins whilst maintaining the mechanical performance of the laminate and not compromising or inhibiting the polymerisation of the resin. It contains a blue colorant for ease of identification on the laminate, which disappears on polymerisation.

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