ACG Prepregs used for Blackstone Tek Carbon Fibre Motorcycle Wheels

26 September 2010

High performance pre-impregnated carbon fibre reinforced composite materials from Advanced Composites Group (ACG) are being used by Blackstone Tek (BST) of South Africa to manufacture an range of motorcycle wheels used by road and race enthusiasts across the globe.

BST, an established ACG client, selected the Group’s medium temperature moulding prepregs for its autoclave processed carbon composite motorcycle wheels, which represent a typical weight saving of 47% over their conventional aluminium counterparts, with no decrease in strength.

The wheels an amalgamation technical expertise, outstanding lay-up skills, laminating techniques, and the application of high performance, lightweight prepreg materials. BST has applied a combination of ACG’s high Tg MTM58B prepreg for the rim and structural MTM57 prepreg for the integral spokes. According to BST, the wheels are lighter, the bike is lighter, handling is improved and rider fatigue is reduced.

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