Fatigue Analysis of Composites Comes of Age

19 September 2010

Safe Technology Limited has launched a new module for the advanced fatigue analysis of composite materials.

fe-safe/Composites is a new product from Safe Technology Ltd, developers of the durability analysis software for finite element models, fe-safe. Safe Technology has partnered with Firehole Technologies, to develop fe-safe/Composites, an advanced solution enabling the fatigue analysis of composite materials.

Historically, predicting fatigue life in composites has been challenging because even simple load states lead to complex behaviour in the individual composite constituents. Furthermore, the effects of frequency and load history can only be dealt with adequately by using physics-based approaches.

According to Safe Technology, fe-safe/Composites meets these challenges head-on by using Firehole’s Helius:Fatigue technology platform. Helius:Fatigue combines the constituent-based failure analysis method of Multicontinuum Theory (MCT) with the kinetic theory of fracture, to introduce a new technology for fatigue life prediction in composite structures. “We are delighted to be partnering with Firehole Technologies to bring an exclusive and unique fatigue solution to the composites market. Our companies make a formidable partnership, each the technical leader in our specialist field; Firehole in advanced composites analysis, and Safe Technology in durability analysis from FEA,” said John Draper, CEO, Safe Technology Ltd. “Our teams have worked well together during the development of this product and we are confident that we can meet the rigorous demands the composites industry will make on this technology.”

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