Toho Tenax Europe at Composites Europe in Essen

10 September 2010

Toho Tenax Europe GmbH will be exhibiting the first time at Composites Europe 2010 in Essen. The whole range of Tenax products will be presented: filament yarn, short fibres as well as the newly developed semi-finished products: Tenax ThermoPlastics and Tenax Net Shape Preforms.

Tenax Thermoplastics

Tenax TPCL (ThermoPlastic Consolidated Laminate) are carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastic plates to be used in a subsequent process of transformation to create parts. Several layers of woven thermoplastic prepreg are consolidated to such plates.

The thermoplastic unidirectional prepreg Tenax TPUD (ThermoPlastic UniDirectional) is reinforced with a specialised carbon fibre with tailored sizing for thermoplastic applications. The tape is available in a wide range of widths (6 to 300 mm).

Tenax Net Shape Preforms

Toho Tenax has developed a new technology to manufacture preforms in a totally automated process using a specialised carbon fibre filament yarn, without any intermediate steps. The functional carbon fibres can be automatically laid in any orientation to produce complex preforms or locally reinforce parts. Lower production costs as well as lower material scrap rate are significant for Tenax Net Shape Preforms. The mechanical performance of components manufactured with such preforms is improved compared to preforms from standard textiles.

Toho Tenax are in hall 12, booth B14.

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