Advanced Engineering 2019

New Epoxy Chemistry for Prepregs

31 October 2010

Gulf Composite Materials (GCM) has developed an epoxy prepreg designed to have a long shelf life and short cure cycle.

The new epoxy prepregs, Halpreg, is said to feature up to 12 months shelf life at ambient temperature, a 30 min 120C curing cycle and excellent flow control during the heating process.

We have been enthusiastic and very eager to develop a state-of-the-art technology putting GCM in the front of the epoxy prepregs industry in terms of originality and creativity, said Dr. Halim Chtourou, inventor of the technology.

Processing wise, traditional epoxy prepregs have quite long curing cycles and require special attention to deal with the excessive resin flow during heating process, explained Eng. S. K. Parmar. Excessive resin flow means difficulties in controlling the final resin content and the cured part properties. This issue is much more crucial in compression moulding, vacuum curing of honeycomb sandwich panels, and also vacuum curing on male moulds.

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