Firehole Contract with Farr Yacht Design

31 October 2010

Firehole Technologies has entered into a contract with Farr Yacht Design for analytical evaluation, design review and modification recommendations for a high performance ocean racing yacht.

Mark Bishop, a Senior Design Engineer at Farr Yacht Design, spoke of Firehole’s performance, “We’ve been looking for an engineering firm that provides state-of-the-art analytical skills, timely/reliable delivery, personal interaction and flexibility. In Firehole I believe that we’ve found them. They shrink the gap between technical analysis and physical design; this makes it possible for us to interface directly with their staff and make real-time corrections and modifications to the design. This saves our team hours, money and frustration. Firehole also offers one of the most impressive and unique methods of composite evaluation we’ve seen – Helius:MCT – a product that lets us see exactly how composites perform under extreme loads. Tools like this allow us to maximize performance and optimize weight while still maintaining safety margins.”

“What is the common denominator between a land-locked company like Firehole and a successful marine business like Farr Yacht Design? Composites. To compete in today’s market -- to take a perfect design and make it better -- you have to push the reset button. Most industries see composites as exceedingly complex and exotic. Farr Yacht Design knows what it takes to win, they know we have the technology and tools to help forge the winner and keep it on-target. Together, I know we’ll see nothing but success” said Bill Wright, Director of Engineering at Firehole.

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