TeXtreme Fabrics in New Bauer Ice Hockey Stick

22 October 2010

The high performance spread tow fabric TeXtreme is being used in Bauers new Supreme TotalOne ice hockey stick, thesecond stick for which Bauer has used TeXtreme to enhance performance

Oxeon say that this results in a stick that is lighter and better balanced than its predecessors in the Supreme series.

The lightweight advantages that come from TeXtreme have not only made the stick lighter, they have also helped us to improve the sticks puck handling and pass reception properties, thanks to the lighter blade says Adam Gans, Director of Product Development for sticks at Bauer Hockey Inc.

TeXtreme is a spread tow carbon fabric that is used to make ultra light composites with improved mechanical performance. The two techniques that make TeXtreme unique include spreading a tow into a tape and then using these tapes to weave it into a fabric: spread tow fabric.

Andreas Martsman, Vice President and head of Business Development at Oxeon, says that We are happy to continue providing ultra light carbon fabric that really makes a difference to the products it is incorporated in and we hope that the Supreme TotalOne stick will be as successful as previous sticks built with TeXtreme, both to Bauer and to players.

At the same time, investment firm InnovationsKapital have made investments in Oxeon and is the newest shareholder in Oxeon AB. InnovationsKapital invests in Nordic high-tech companies with strong growth.

Staffan Ingeborn, responsible for InnKap 4 Partners LP acquisition of stake in Oxeon AB, commented on the interest in Oxeon: Oxeon AB is a very exciting company with a unique product offering and with impressive customer traction. The company has a strong management team and we see this as a great opportunity to invest in a company with good growth and profitability

Henrik Blycker, CEO at Oxeon, said: We are flattered by the confidence given by our owners and to be chosen by such a well reputed investor. This also shows that the company is developing in the right direction and that the company is ready for bigger challenges.

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