Formula 1 Cars Using TeXtreme Win Championship

19 November 2010

The final Formula 1 race of the season took place in Abu Dhabi last weekend, and cars using TeXtreme spread tow carbon fabric were victorious in both the driver and team championships.

TeXtreme is a Spread Tow Fabric (STF) used for making ultra light composites, based on Oxeon's tape weaving technology. A woven material of interlaced spread tows, instead of yarns, displays a reduced number of interstices/openings, which means that there is less accumulation of matrix at the interstices and hence increased fibre volume fraction.

The extensive use and results of the Formula 1 teams using TeXtreme confirms the weight savings ability of the material. Formula 1 teams are always looking for the best and for reducing weight TeXtreme is obviously providing great weight saving opportunities says Andreas Martsman, Vice President and head of Business Development at Oxeon.

According to Oxeon, the F1 team used TeXtreme for composite body parts and was able to reduce weight by about 20-30%.

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