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Plasti-Fab Builds Top Shelter Line With Recycled and Green Materials

12 November 2010

Plasti-Fab have released their new 'Green' Industrial Shelter Series made of fibreglass scrap in the form of a fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) compound.

The newly released product is a result of the culmination of multiple manufacturing processes Plasti-Fab has been orchestrating after a thorough period of R&D, investing hundreds of man hours and a substantial amount of capital.

In addition to cleansing their daily manufacturing processes, Plasti-Fab have been able to incorporate fiberglass scrap for other products, as well as the newly released Green Shelters. Plasti-Fab say that this recycled, or re-used scrap fibreglass is combined with a green resin to create the Green FRP composite for the shelters. They say that the Green Shelters use 43% in-house recycled material and 27% green product.

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