Redelease Consolidates Partnership with AkzoNobel

07 May 2010

Redelease is the new official distributor of organic peroxides of AkzoNobel in São Paulo, a State that has the largest number of Brazilian companies that consume these products.

With two plants in the capital and one under construction in the region of Campinas, Redelease will share the service to São Paulo's market with VI Fiberglass, a company headquartered in Guarulhos.

“It was the recognition of the work we have done over the recent years as retailers. From now on, we can provide our customers with all the technology support that a global company such as AkzoNobel offers”, said Roberto Iacovella, director of Redelease.

The contract also guarantees that Redelease operates across the country as a distributor. But, in this case, the company will have to share the coverage with a larger number of competitors. “Taking into account the importance of São Paulo’s market, I believe we will be able to double the volume of organic peroxides we sell”, Iacovella estimates.

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