Pultron Composites Open Middle East Factory

07 May 2010

Pultron Composites’ Middle East manufacturing facility in the Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai, UAE has formally been opened by the New Zealand Minister of Trade, the Honourable Tim Groser.

In welcoming the Minister; the New Zealand Trade & Enterprise Commisioner in Dubai; the JAFZA Chief Executive; and distinguished guests, Jasper Holdsworth, Pultron’s Managing Director said that Pultron has focused on developing a product that solves corrosion problems the region is suffering from.

“Our solution is a material which is a high performance, corrosion resistant concrete reinforcing bar. We have called this product Mateenbar. Mateen is a Arabic for ‘strong and durable’. Mateenbar is twice as strong as steel; is 1 quarter the weight; is corrosion free. By increasing the cost of a building by only 1% it will increase the lifespan by 3x. In an extremely corrosive environment - such as seawall - where SS has traditionally been the preferred option, Mateenbar not only increases the lifespan - it also halves the cost of the reinforcement.”

Mr Holdsworth thanked the NZ Government for its support through NZ Trade and Enterprise and also thanked the Jebel Ali Free Zone Administration for their support too. He was joined in this by the Founder, Peter Holdsworth, Pultron’s Technical Director.

Pultron Composites Ltd is a privately owned manufacturing company formed in 1981 when Peter Holdsworth, an entrepreneurial engineer, and his wife Bronwen, subsequently Businesswoman of the Year in 1988, began developing the technology and designing and building pultrusion machines in Gisborne, New Zealand.

Off -shore expansion was part the strategy of Managing Director, Jasper Holdsworth, son of the Founders. With composite rebar becoming a major product line, the move to the Middle East was a logical one. After considerable investigation, it was decided that the Jebel Ali Free Zone Area was an excellent place for Pultron to build a factory to service the local market and beyond.

The intention is also to develop and service the European and American markets from the JAFZA plant.

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