Plexus Speeds Up Garage Door Production

07 May 2010

A major UK garage door manufacturer has been able to improve its production process and utilise faster bonding adhesives, thanks to advanced methacrylate technology available from ITW Plexus Structural Adhesives.

The company had been producing its garage doors by building up by hand a number of layers of glass with resin to bond the galvanised frame to the GRP door structure, which was time consuming and involved VOC issues because of the type of resin used. Plexus introduced them to a more advanced process utilising its MA 320 adhesive, and they now simply bond a powder-coated frame directly onto the GRP structure, greatly speeding up the overall process to less than 30 minutes.

After successful trials, Plexus put together a service package incorporating a bulk adhesive dispensing unit (to ensure the adhesive could be applied in a quick and consistent way), timed deliveries and full ongoing technical support.

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