Ashland, AOC and Dow to Increase Prices

31 May 2010

Ashland, AOC and Dow are all increasing the prices of their products.

AOC will make a price increase in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Latin and South America and the Caribbean for vinyl ester resins of US$0.09 per pound. This is effective on all shipments on and after May 31, 2010. The increase will be US$500.00 per metric tonne sold in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and €400 per metric tonne in Europe, all effective immediately.

From June 1, 2010 Dow Europe will increase the price of its epoxy products in Europe (including Turkey). Liquid, solid and solid solution epoxy resins will increase by €350 per metric tonne, whilst epoxy blends and Novolac resins will increase by €250 per metric tonne. In Asia Pacific region in will increase the prices of liquid, solid and solid solution epoxy resins by US$200 per metric tonne and Epichlorohydrin by US$100 per metric tonne.

Ashland Performance Materials is increasing the price of vinyl ester resins and speciality composite products in North America. The price increase of 9 cents per pound is effective 1 June 2010, or as agreements allow, and includes Ashland's Derakane, Hetron, AME, Arotool and Aroguard resins.

“This action is necessary to respond to the changing market and cost increases driven by global supply imbalances in key raw materials,” says Todd Hritz, global product director for vinyl esters, Ashland Performance Materials. “We work diligently to mitigate these issues for our customers by leveraging our extensive global supply network.”

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