Lectra Releases Vector TechTex FX 100

03 May 2010

Lectra has released its new VectorTechTex FX 100 cutting solution for industrial fabrics and composite materials.

This new solution is intended to enable companies to cut wide pieces and meet the needs of professionals looking to diversify their offer by covering a broader spectrum of applications.

""The ability to process a wide variety of industrial fabrics with a single, unique cutting solution is now essential to the survival of many companies. By extending the range of possible activities open to them with the VectorTechTex FX 100, these companies will be able to target new markets and, consequently, limit the risks tied to a decrease in volumes,"" said Daniel Harari, Lectra CEO.

Lectra say that the machine is particularly well-suited to short runs and tight production deadlines, and that it can process a wide variety of pieces, all of varying sizes and shapes, while limiting fabric scraps.

Lectra delivers to Northwest Composites Centre (NWCC)

Lectra UK Ltd has delivered their latest Vector TechTex FX conveyorised composite ply profiler and a suite of Design Concept TechTex 3D CAD Software to the National Composites Certification and Evaluation Facility (NCCEF) at The Northwest Composites Centre based at Manchester University, UK.

The cutter represents Lectra’s flagship offering for composites processing and will be used to support testing and evaluation of a wide range of composite materials. Design Concept TechTex 3D CAD software delivers 3D to 2D development of ply profiles (flattening) directly from 3D CAD models, then automatically simulates nested cutting markers and calculates manufacturing costs, ready for cutting.

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