DeltaWing in Technology Partnership with Milliken

03 May 2010

DeltaWing’s prototype chassis for the 2012 IZOD IndyCar Series will feature Milliken’s thermoplastic composite, Tegris, with the intention of making the DeltaWing car one of the lightest, most impact energy absorbent and intrusion resistant open wheel racing cars ever created.

BMW Group Carbon Fibre Megacity Vehicle to launch in 2013

03 May 2010

The Megacity Vehicle will be a zero-emission urban car for the world’s metropolitan regions, currently being developed as part of 'project i', and will be available from 2013 under a sub-brand of BMW.

787 Dreamliner Undergoing Extreme-Weather Testing in Florida

03 May 2010

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner has begun a series of extreme-weather tests, in a special hangar at the McKinley Climatic Laboratory at Elgin Air Force Base that allows the airplane to experience heat as high as 115 degrees Fahrenheit (46 Celsius) and as low as minus 45 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 43 Celsius).

High Performance Composite Panels from Renewable Bio-Based Polymers

04 May 2010

EconCore has presented a 100% bio-based composite panel, using ThermHex technology to produce PLA honeycomb cores with Biotex flax/PLA skins from Composites Evolution.

Toray Partners with A&P to Provide Braided Prosthetics

03 May 2010

With support from Toray Carbon Fibers America, A&P Technology has braided four inch, five inch, and six inch diameter sleevings that will allow the manufacture of thousands of prosthetic devices.

Lectra Releases Vector TechTex FX 100

03 May 2010

Lectra has released its new VectorTechTex FX 100 cutting solution for industrial fabrics and composite materials.