Equipment Donated to the University of Memphis

26 March 2010

Loyalty to the University that helped shape a career has led to the gift of a differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) from resin producer AOC to the Chemistry Department of the University of Memphis.

The equipment is valued at US$44,000.

The catalyst behind the donation was Dr. Adrienne Hoeglund, a Senior Analytical Scientist for AOC. Consolidation of research and development to improve efficiencies left AOC with a redundant DSC, and Hoeglund saw a need for the equipment at the University of Memphis where she earned Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Chemistry.

Students and researchers in the University of Memphis Chemistry Department can use the DSC for a variety of analyses, including the thermal characteristics, purity and/or processing characteristics of polymers, foods and pharmaceuticals.

“I am incredibly proud of being a U of M graduate and want people to know where I went,” Hoeglund commented. “I cannot say enough good things about the Chemistry Department.” Hoeglund is a native of Denver, Colorado, and earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry from Clemson University. About AOC

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