Bcomtesting Increases Capacity & Services Offered

17 March 2010

Bcomtesting has increased its testing capabilities with the addition of a 1,000-lb electromechancial frame and a 5,000-lb servo hydraulic fatigue rated Instron 8872 table top frame.

These additions, combined with new fixtures and attachments, give Bcomtesting five testing frames (three electromechanical and two servo hydraulics) while increasing the company’s overall static capacity up to 68,000 lbs.

“We take great pride in providing unmatched turnaround times for our customers,” explained Bcomtesting President Bruno Belanger. “Even during periods when we face a high volume of work, we believe it is imperative to maintain those industry-leading turnaround times. The additon of this new equipment does that for us while also adding some new capabilities.”

Based in Wake Forest, NC, Bcomtesting evaluates mechanical and physical properties of composites, and plastics for both fabricators and suppliers of these industries.

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