New Polyamide High-Performance Composite Material from Rhodia

04 June 2010

Rhodia has developed a patented polyamide-based matrix, designed for continuous glass or carbon fiber composite materials, to complement its existing Technyl line of injection, extrusion and blow molding products.

The high fluidity and specifications of this new resin are intended to ensure that it fully penetrates and impregnates the reinforcing fibres, providing the optimal interface required to meet the performance standards required by the semi-finished products.

Available as pre-impregnated fabrics or plates, this new semi-finished product range is specifically designed for structural applications and Rhodia say that it surpasses existing thermoplastic composites in stiffness, strength, ageing and recyclability.

“With this new material – a remarkable technological breakthrough – Rhodia is set to open up new fields of application for high-performance thermoplastic composites. Its advanced technical specification make it a real alternative solution, not only to metal and aluminium, but also to existing composites products” explains Vincent Lajotte, Marketing Director at Rhodia Engineering Plastics.

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