John Burn Introduces Filament Winding Epoxy

25 June 2010

John Burn has introduced a new composite epoxy resin system, Biresin CR84, particularly aimed at filament winding, manufactured by Sika Tooling & Composites in Germany.

The new resin system is particularly suited to the filament winding process due to its viscosity characteristics, good wetting out properties and a very long pot life. All this combined with a low cure temperature. Furthermore, Biresin CR84 is also versatile enough to also be used in the hand lay-up process.

Biresin CR84 system not only has good wetting out properties, but is also modified to reduce the dripping from the fibres during winding. This ensures both high quality components and a clean working environment. The cured resin is tough and has good elongation to break. The pot life of Biresin CR84 with hardener Biresin CH84-20 is approx. 10 hours. This allows for working a complete 8 hour shift without changing the resin in the bath. The resin system can be cured at 70¡ãC to give a glass transition temperature ¡Ý 80¡ãC. Biresin CR84 has also been approved by Germanischer Lloyd and is non-toxic.

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