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Axson Technologies Offers New Resins for the Water Market

18 June 2010

Axson Technologies is launching a new epoxy resin for trenchless renovation of sanitation systems that pre-impregnates the fabric for internal sleeve refurbishment upstream of the site.

This procedure means the fabric can be prepared up to 4 days in advance, saving a great deal of on-site time. This new product joins the EPO 9000 range from Axson Technologies, specifically designed for trenchless sanitation system renovation.

This technology means repairs can be made to water or gas pipes without digging trenches. The system is straightforward: a fabric sleeve is impregnated with resin, positioned in the pipe using compressed air or water and hardened by heating with steam or hot water thus solving the watertightness issues in the pipes. This technology contributes to better management of wastewater treatment and reduces contamination of the water tables.

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