Diab Launches Composites Consulting Group

11 June 2010

Diab Group has launched the operations of its new initiative, the Composites Consulting Group (CCG), an independent consulting company within the Diab Group with the objective of delivering engineering and manufacturing services for composite materials and products.

CCG builds on Diab’s experience within sandwich composites, in various industries. CCG will be providing services within industrial design, engineering, testing, processing, training and customer specific composites consulting.

Diab CEO Anders Paulsson explained: “We are very excited as we know that there is a big need for engineering services within composites - enquiries are increasing. Many companies would like to utilize the benefits of composites and sandwich structures. We are in a good position to serve those needs with all the expertise built over many years through our technical service and Diab Technologies, with numerous projects successfully carried through on all continents. Creating an independent group will further improve our service worldwide, with the focus to create a power house of composite knowledge including a complete offering adding high value within many industries”. Headed by recently appointed Lennart Thålin, CCG is recruiting experienced composites engineers.

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