Composites One to Distribute and Zyvex Materials

11 June 2010

Composites One has entered into a distribution agreement with Zyvex Performance Materials (ZPM) to distribute their Epovex, Epovex Adhesive and Arovex products.

“Composites One is an excellent partner for Zyvex Performance Materials. The use of nano-enhanced composites is growing and distribution is a key aspect of this developing market. From our offices in Ohio, we can reach customers across North America,” says Lance Criscuolo, President of Zyvex Performance Materials. “Composites One serves over 8,000 customers. When someone considers using the most advanced and highest performing carbon nanotube resin systems and prepregs available today, it’s likely that they are already a Composites One customer.”

“Zyvex Performance Materials offers a collection of nano-enhanced products that can enhance the performance of composite materials that our customers routinely use,” commented Leon Garoufalis, President of Composites One. “After touring their facility, I was impressed that they have developed such technologically advanced materials, yet designed them to handle as easy and in the same way as traditional composites. Adding these products to our portfolio helps deliver the latest technology to our customers without asking them to adjust the way they do business.”

Epovex is a line of carbon nanotube strengthened epoxies for numerous composites and adhesives applications, recommended for use in composite manufacturing processes such as filament winding, pultrusion, and hand lay-up. Arovex is a high performance prepreg using Epovex resin.

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