Pultruded SuperStructural Profiles to Support Solar Panels

25 July 2010

Creative Pultrusions has worked closely with Flexera and Imco Reinforced Plastics to produce a pultruded structure to support solar panels on the roof of the Go fish Restaurant located in downtown Rehoboth, Delaware.

CPI pultruded 6” x 6” x 3/8” Pultrex SuperStructural wide flange beams and Imco then fabricated the pultrusions into the truss sections. Once fabricated, Imco shipped the beams to the jobsite for Flexera to install. The pultruded structure houses photovoltaic panels shading the roof from additional heat loads.

Pultrex SuperStructural profiles were chosen for this project because of their high modulus of elasticity and inherent strength properties. The truss sections were designed to comply with all relevant local codes and live loads due to wind and snow. In addition to the high strength and stiffness attributes, the beams are extremely lightweight and corrosion resistant.

The corrosive coastal salt air, compiled with the need for a lightweight solution, drove Flexera to integrate the pultruded structure as a means of supporting their solar grid system. According to Creative, such pultruded green alternatives to traditional galvanized steel provide structures with approximately half the carbon footprint of galvanized steel while reducing future maintenance costs.

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