Plataine Launches On-Demand Web-Based Nesting Service

25 July 2010

Plataine, the provider of production optimization solutions for manufacturers of textile, wood, metal and composite fabric cutting industries, has released the beta version of

With this service, users can run an unlimited number of markers for free, but purchase only those they choose after seeing the markers’ length and efficiency. The intention is that users are granted a risk-free opportunity to increase their material utilization, save time and money, while paying for the service only when it provides them with a measurable benefit.

Users upload their files and job settings, optimized markers are received within a few minutes and users then purchase those markers that meet their needs.

""Two main concepts underlie the launch of our new web-based marker-making service: on-demand access to our optimization algorithms, and the ability to pay only when they are providing value"", says Avner Ben-Bassat, President of Plataine. """", Ben-Bassat adds, ""is designed with customer-satisfaction in mind, granting manufacturers access to Plataine’s best of class optimization algorithms, without any upfront investment in software or hardware purchase"".

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