AirStar International Begins In-House Manufacturing of Rotor Blades

16 July 2010

After 25 years of UAV Drone manufacturing, AirStar International has designed a new composite rotor blade for its line of Unmanned Vertical Take Off and Landing Air Vehicles (UAV VTOL's) that promises to improve efficiency by 66%.

Three more models each of different size are currently under design and will soon be ready for testing.

The new AirStar Hyper-Lift-Blade design is a composite sandwich style blade made from resin, Kevlar and carbon fibre. AirStar previously used 3rd party vendors, but recent research required a change of the current blades and the manufacturers did not want to make changes.

""We are very excited to be expanding our in house capabilities as we are cutting expenses and introducing a breakthrough in technology at the same time. Following years of experimenting, testing and design changes we finally came up with a much more efficient blade than we were able to buy from existing vendors. The new blades are currently manufactured in four different lengths, depending on the payload. The new Hyper-Lift X blades were tested on our standard AirStar Mongoose, and immediately we were able to increase the payload from 15lbs to 25lbs. Now we are designing a new frame and will use a higher-powered engine to test the increased efficiency of a full payload capacity,"" said Josef Joebstl, AirStar's CEO.

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