“Sustainability Summit” to Introduce Zyvax Eco Product

28 January 2010

Zyvax is to launch their new Nano-Line, which they believe will have industry-changing implications for composite moulders, at the company’s very first world training summit.

The company says that Nano-Line will expand support of environmental requirements for all types of advance composites moulding.

The launch of Zyvax’s Nano-Line will take place at an invitation-only event, held over three days. A selected line of distributors will receive an orientation and be trained how to use this new range of products.

Some 30 technicians representing 19 countries are to receive the training, which will be conducted at fully equipped facility in Lyon, France. Attendees will receive hands-on experience in application procedures and will produce moulded parts using RTM, infusion and adhesive bonding, hand lay-up, with additional instruction in rotational moulding.

Training will be provided by staff from Zyvax R&D department, as well as staff instructors from Australia, Europe and the US

Nancy Layman, CEO, Zyvax, believes the program is just the beginning of a new way of looking at the moulding process. “We’re at the front end of a change that is sweeping the planet-the requirements for pollution control and emission-free manufacturing today pale in comparison to what’s coming in the future.”

“Every moulding operation - indeed every manufacturing operation - is at the same crossroads. Minimizing pollution and saving resources are no longer options, and companies that recognize the sea change that is occurring right now are ahead of the curve,” add Layman.

Zyvax say their latest nano-technology products can help moulders to exceed the expectations of the current generation mould sealer and release results without sacrificing quality or workplace safety.

“Everyone wins - our customers, the industry, the planet - we intend to incorporate this objective into our operation from the R&D lab right out to the production floor, and this training program is just the first step,” concludes Layman.

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