Plasti-Fab Decreases Solvent VOC Emissions by 96% with MEP Program

22 January 2010

Plasti-Fab has implemented its Managed Emissions Processes Program, minimizing their production footprint by reducing VOC emissions.

The program, launched in 2009, is said to eliminate the use of Acetone as a process solvent. Reducing usage from 2000 gallons a year to less than 70 gallons per year, they were able to cut VOC emissions from Acetone by more than 96%.

As a result of these efforts, Plasti-Fab will go from a Small Quantity Generator (SQG) of hazardous waste - nearly 17,000 pounds annually, to a Conditionally Exempt Generator (CEG) - less than 2640 pounds annually.

In addition to its heavy concentration on improving Acetone levels, Plasti-Fab has also switched its process of dispensing resin from traditional containers to closed dispensing systems. This manages and controls the VOC of gassing emissions by more than 80% for infusion oriented processes.

Plasti Fab’s commitment to reducing emissions will continue this year. As of 2010, Plasti-Fab officially began recycling and reusing fiberglass waste in the form of a recycled FRP compound. This compound is not only greener, but also much stronger and will replace several poly foam materials currently being used in various projects.

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